Amazon Sellers Sourcing From Unsafe Factories

Sourcing is a challenging task when you’re looking for suppliers overseas and you are not aware about the culture or the business practices overseas. Furthermore, U.S. business may establish relationships with unethical people because they need to import some products that are only available in other regions of the world.

WSJ report shows that clothes made in Bangladeshi factories that major retailers have banned as unsafe are finding their way onto Amazon’s site for sale in the U.S.

Major retailers can afford to hire audit companies to control the business practices and production quality but many entrepreneurs that work as FBA or Amazon Sellers find difficult to bear the cost of verifying the practices of their sourcing industries. That’s why we in Eternispring we work to offer plans for all kinds of business in the U.S. so they can have peace of mind of knowing that their products are sourced with ethical producers in South America.

Photo by Nick de Partee on Unsplash

Particularly for food it’s important to be aware of the producers practices to protect the health of customers and the sustainability of the process. Furthermore, in a previous article we mentioned how bad production practices could lead to a decrement in the production of coffee. Talking about sourcing ethically and sustainably is a matter of taking care of customers and the environment for the future while producing the most unique products from around the world.

Below you can find the video about the report for your consideration.

We’re committed to end this behavior by implementing processes to support small producers in the Americas and creating tools to share with them insights. Also, by educating customers and resellers in how to avoid these kind of practices. You can learn more by visiting our website or by contacting us info [at]

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